In a “digital” world, customer operations will serve consumers that expect more, know more, have more choice and have a louder voice

Higher expectations

Expectations are being shaped by experiences outside of your industry, where content, interactions and features may be richer and more compelling.

Peer-to-peer trust

Brand loyalty has been replaced by peer-to-peer conversations and other social media interactions; those who fail to participate risk being sidelined


Easy access to research and data will expose efforts to mislead and enable comparison to your competitors; transparency and authenticity are required

Many choices

Undifferentiated products and services, lack of loyalty, easy access to alternatives and a high chance of defection, mandate extra effort to retain your customers

Have a voice

Vehicles for communicating experiences with your brand – both good and bad – are ubiquitous and free, and your customers are not shy about voicing them

Contact centres in Retail and other sectors will need to respond to a number of imperatives

Customer insight & analytics

Insight from data analytics will drive processes to ensure customer experience supports advocacy, service and profit objectives.

Multi-channel integration

ICustomers will demand that Brands provide seamless services that insulate them from variance between the access options they have.

Process &

Process and technology will change to deal with the functional, efficiency and volume impact of Social Media and emerging.


Clear differences in channels’ abilities to satisfy customers and their changing preferences will impact efficient operational design.

People &

Pressures for improved CSAT and NPS will demand consistent service delivery and more investment in front line people’s performance.