Improve customer experience and value

Each contact centre has its own set of ‘Achilles’ heels’. In some failure to optimise ‘first call’ resolution fuels extra demand, and results in simmering customer dissatisfaction for those impacted.
- ‘This is the fifth time I have phoned!’. Most contact centres fail to cope a small proportion of cases
- say one percent – that do not conform or fit into normal processes.

Operatives try to squeeze these ‘square pegs’ through ‘round holes’ to the distress of customers. Our experience shows that by addressing these call types, a large workload can be eliminated while improving the customer experience.

  • What are the root-causes of our customer contact - is much avoidable?
  • Which processes or types of caller result in repeat calls?
  • What are the opportunities for cost reduction?

We are expert in identifying both Customer Experience improvements and the cost savings that are normally required to implement them.