Service Overview Output Duration/cost
Contact Centre benchmark Short exercise where you operation completes a data questionnaire, we visit your sites(s) and prepare a report showing how you compare to a best practice organization. We provide a short report indicating the “size of the prize” and high level recommendations. Useful where senior management require assurance that contact centre operations are giving the using value for money Three week duration. Cost for a single site contact c £30k
Contact centre diagnostic “Deep dive” exercise where we assess in depth the customer experience and operational excellence performance, through data analysis, interviews, observation and workshops. We provide detailed recommendations to enable clients to “move the dial” on key performance metrics We provide a detailed report, making a case for change, and detailed, number recommendations for consideration by management. Useful where senior management perceive an operation is “in difficulty” and external direction is required to help incumbent management change is required Six to eight week duration. Cost for a single site contact c £75-90k
Change integration (“Quick wins”) Working alongside management to implement priority recommendations that do not have dependencies on long lead changes (eg custom ICT development) Embedded operational change, for example new organization structures, control mechanisms, introduction of new and/or improved resourcing disciplines Six to twelve week duration. Cost for a single site contact c. £75-120k
Target Operating Model Design Starts with a visioning process to drive out high level business imperatives, followed by a Contact Centre Diagnostics. These two steps provide input into a collaborative design process where we work with you to design a future operating model, covering people, process, organization, culture, location, technology insourcing versus outsourcing etc Target Operating Model Design Report and implementation roadmap. Business case for the changes required to implement Eight to twelve week duration. Cost for a single site contact c. £90-150k
Outsource strategy implementation Where you have decided to outsource, we will work with you to define the approach (Input vs output, framework versus specific service contract), prepare the necessary specifications and commercial models, running through to evaluation critiera and supporting the procurement Contract with performance measures and incentives aligned to your business imperatives. Risk ownership assigned to the right party Twelve week to 24 week duration. c. £200-400k