• Designing, developing, launching and growing a portfolio of Telecommunication services
  • Generated multi million pound annuity revenues by launching rich, innovative service portfolio


Launching a portfolio of telecoms services

Energis, a speculative investment by National Grid, had steep revenue targets and a strong need for innovative services. David overcame implementation issues and enabled it to thrive by launching innovative services, including high growth services for Internet service providers.

Many of the services in its business plan were ‘me too’. David spotted an opportunity to generate interconnect revenues by carrying volumes of BT originated traffic to Internet Service Provider’s (ISP) sites. This service provided ISPs with an alternative to establishing physical PoPs to provide local call access to services. Initially these was achieved through virtual PoPs, later David developed the service into a flat rate 0845 offer targeted at established and entrant service providers.

David was responsible for launching Energis’s direct and IN service portfolios, preparing business and project plans, and recruiting the staff required. David’s people led cross functional teams, working and resolving issues to prepare for launch within the teams. David’s portfolio needed quick economic access to customer sites to be successful, however Energis’s customer access strategy was based on fibre access to buildings. He identified that this would result in uncompetitive lead times and make most sites uneconomic to serve. He challenged the policy, successfully proposing the pragmatic use of BT services. Progress was then impeded by lack of progress in ‘points of presence’ rollout. David exposed weaknesses in this project to the programme, resulting in extra resources and effective management being put in place.

In addition to seeking to get to market rapidly, David was conscious how critical it was to ‘get to volume’. Three months after launch, David streamlined provisioning and sales processes by launching services packages that could be sold without the production of a business case.

David’s products generated multi million pound annuity revenues and a platform for Enerigs’s future growth and strategy.